Tea for Two

A very sweet friend of mine gifted Lucy this little tea set.  As I unwrapped it and took a peek inside, my friend shared that it was something she had picked out 4 years earlier, for another baby girl...our Maggie.  She had tucked it away and was anxious to pass it along to little sister as we prepared to meet our second daughter.  My boys have been asking when they could have a tea party with their Lulu since the day I brought the set home.  It has been carefully tucked away for a year, and today our Noah got to have that first special tea party with his baby sis.  It is this moment--and a million more small but just as significant--that have brought tears and gratitude spilling over.  So thankful for the redemption woven in our story, joy after sorrow, three big brothers and one daddy that protect and pursue our Lucy Jane fiercely, and a God that cares deeply about the details and desires of our hearts.  

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